Shazam® Debit Card/ATM Services: 
With our Shazam® debit cards, the convenience of accessing your account is always with you.  Access your account 24 hours a day at Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) nationwide, or use it to make purchases anywhere in the world that accepts VISA.  All transactions using your Shazam® Debit Card will clear your account just like a check and detailed transaction information will appear on your monthly bank statement.   Use your Shazam® Debit Card at ATMs to withdraw cash, make deposits*, transfer between accounts and make balance inquiries at qualifying ATM machines. 
To apply for the Shazam® Debit card or for more information on ATM services, contact our Financial Services Department at 641-437-4500. 
*Some ATMs may not allow deposits. 
Shazam® Debit cards have a $2.00 per month fee and are available by application. 
Other banks may charge a surcharge for ATM Machine usage. 
Fees for replacement cards or easy PIN custom PIN selection may apply. 
Iowa Trust and Savings Bank ATM Locations: 
Full Service Drive Up ATMs: 

  • Main Bank- 200 N. 10th St. Centerville
  • Lake Center Mall-1015 N. 18th St. Centerville
  • Moravia Bank-23918 Hwy J18 Moravia
    Cash Dispense ATMs: 

  • Mercy Medical Center-One St. Josephs Drive Centerville
  • Honey Creek Resort State Park-(Main Lobby)-12633 Resort Dr. Moravia
  • Honey Creek Preserve Golf Clubhouse-12633 Resort Dr. Moravia
    Online Banking: 
    At Iowa Trust and Savings Bank, we want your financial world to be simple and convenient.  Through our secure web site, our Online Banking Program gives you flexibility for handling your accounts anytime, anywhere. 
    You have the ability to Check your account balances, including cleared checks, available balance and other transactions.  You can transfer between accounts, make loan payments, access your monthly statement and pay bills.  Every online banking transaction appears in detail on your monthly bank statement.  Online banking services are available to you with no transaction fees.   Take a look at the online banking demonstration option available on this website, or visit us, and we’ll walk you through the process.  We always look forward to helping you with all of your financial needs. 
    Online Bill Pay: 
    Our online bill pay is an added option through our Online Banking service.  Bill pay offers convenience and is easy to set up.  It allows you to adjust, delete and add payments whenever you like.  Using our online bill pay offers added security by not allowing companies you are paying access to your bank account information.  Online bill pay lets you pay and track all of your monthly bills from one web site, with one log-in and one password. 
    To learn more about online bill pay or sign up, stop by one of our bank locations or call us at 641-437-4500.  
    When you sign up to receive your bank statement via eStatement, you will be doing your part in the green effort to help the environment.  eStatements are electronic copies of your bank statements that you can view or print online!  They are available sooner than paper statements and are saved for several months.  You access your eStatement using our secure online banking website; they are not sent by e-mail or by paper to an unsecured mailbox. 
    Mobile Banking: 
    Iowa Trust and Savings Bank is now open for business in the palm of your hand.  That's right!  to give our customers maximum convenience, we now provide mobile banking services! With mobile banking, you can check account balances, transfer funds and receive account transaction history all from your mobile phone.  No matter where you are or what time it is, you can have limitless access to your finances in a safe and secure environment.  
    Direct Deposit: 
    Have your paychecks, government payments, pension or investment checks directly deposited into your account in a safe and secure way. 
    Automatic Funds Transfers: 
    Automatically transfer fixed amounts between your accounts at Iowa Trust and Savings Bank on a regular schedule of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  You authorize the transfer which is easy and secure.  Contact our Financial Services Department at 641-437-4500 to find out more.  
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