Merchant Card Services: 
Iowa Trust and Savings Bank provides commercial customers with the tool to provide their customers the convenience of MasterCard and Visa transactions.  Deposits are next day presentment for greater cash flow.  Local servicing is provided by Iowa Trust and Savings Bank personnel.  Monthly merchant statements are received, as well as free on-site installation and training.  We offer low monthly fees and pricing.  Contact Iowa Trust and Savings Bank for more information about Merchant Credit Card Processing services. 
ACH Services: 
Iowa Trust and Savings Bank provides ACH origination services to allow our business customers to create electronic payments and deposits.  This service is made possible by the Automated Clearing House (ACH), a nationwide network for exchanging electronic transactions among financial institutions within the Federal Reserve System.  This service makes it simple and easy for our business customers who participate in our ACH program to create their own direct deposits and direct payments.  In addition, benefits of becoming an ACH originator include reduced check processing costs, increased efficiency, and increased benefits to the employees.  For more information regarding services offered for ACH origination, contact our Financial Services Department at 641-437-4500. 
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